Bellvue homes to be razed from flooding, but it’s uncertain who will pay the bill

A suburb of Omaha has condemned 195 flood-damaged homes, but it’s unclear who will be paying the expected bill of more than $1 million to raze them.

News Story (Nebraska)

Associated Press (AP)
June 19, 2019

Tags: Disaster Recovery

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Aid of Nebraska


“I can’t afford to shell out that much money,” said Doug Muse after the council’s hearing on the matter, echoing the sentiment of many of the residents who attended. He said he’s been living with his father since the March disaster.

The Omaha World-Herald reported that the landowner, Howard Helm, has told the city that he can’t cover the costs for razing the homes he rented out at Paradise Lakes, and the community isn’t eligible for federal money to help with demolition.

His renters have expressed frustration about his lack of cooperation, leading several to contact Legal Aid of Nebraska about recouping unused rent and security deposits. Helm didn’t immediately reply to a message left Wednesday by The Associated Press.