Disability committee pushes city to help address evictions

Advocates for the disabled community are pushing the city’s departments in charge of housing services to find ways to decrease the number of evictions their community experiences while also adding housing supply designed for accessibility.

News Story (Texas)

Chat Swiatecki
Austin Monitor
July 22, 2019

Tags: Housing: Eviction


Committee member Joey Gidseg said the city should make legal help readily available for disabled renters facing any kind of housing uncertainty.

“We have done lots of research into remedies elsewhere and have noticed that civil legal aid is a really big issue,” Gidseg said. “Access to appointing legal representation through the city to anyone who is either facing eviction or if you’re in the 76 percent where it’s informal … if somebody can’t afford access to a lawyer to say ‘Is this real?’ and they move out because they don’t know what to do … that would be great to look into.”