San Diego nonprofit’s legal help a tiny dent in asylum aid needed

A handful of free or low-cost legal service providers are taking on cases of families in the “Remain in Mexico” program...

News Story (California)

Kate Morrissey
San Diego Union-Tribune
August 1, 2019

Tags: Immigration Process

Organizations mentioned/involved: Centro Legal De La Raza (Oakland, CA), Immigrant Defenders Law Center (Los Angeles)


Studies have shown that those with attorneys are significantly more likely to win their cases. For those in the MPP program — where the newness of the policy combined with logistical complications are raising a multitude of legal quandaries — having an experienced attorney is even more crucial.

Immigrants who can’t afford attorneys already struggle to find lawyers willing to help them for free or low cost, particularly if the immigrant is in a detention center. For those who are returned to Mexico, where attorneys face the added obstacles of the time and logistics of crossing an international border to consult with clients, finding an attorney is even more difficult.