Groups to sue Trump administration over rule making it harder for legal immigrants to become citizens

Approximately 380 workers remained in federal custody at three different Immigration and Customs Enforcement processing centers in Louisiana and Mississippi after the raids Wednesday. The three centers are Pine Prairie, LaSalle and Adams County, said ICE spokesman Bryan Cox. About 300 had been released, many of them parents, after video circulated of children left in tears because no one was there to pick them up after school.

News Story (Mississippi)

Sunny Kim
August 12, 2019

Tags: ICE Raids

Organizations mentioned/involved: Mississippi Center for Justice (MCJ)


Cox said the average length of stay in the agency’s custody is a “little more than a month,” but it would depend on each individual’s pending outcome of their case before the court.

Amelia McGowan, immigration attorney at the Mississippi Center for Justice, told CNBC it would take about a month if individuals held in federal custody are able to get a bond. If they are unable to get a bond, the process can take longer, she added.

McGowan and a group of 150 attorneys in Mississippi and nationwide, are organizing to help represent people in removal proceedings in immigration courts.