‘How as a Community Can We Move Forward?’ Uncertainty Lingers After Mississippi ICE Raids

Immigration attorney Amelia McGowan says she didn’t know the severity of Wednesday’s raids when she received her first call from a client who said relatives hadn’t come home from work.

News Story (Mississippi)

Jasmine Aguilera
August 9, 2019

Tags: ICE Raids

Organizations mentioned/involved: Mississippi Center for Justice (MCJ)


“It’s a very tight-knit, very supportive community,” she says. “It’s just phenomenal, it was really a boost to be there.”

Still, she says, many people remain concerned for the future. Many lawyers are still helping some people figure out where their relatives are, or helping some immigrants secure a bond for release from detention. The lawyers are also preparing to help those facing removal proceedings, McGowan says.

“The longterm need is providing longterm legal assistance to people,” she says. “Obviously, they’re still terrified about if this is going to happen again.”