What Will Indefinite Detention Do to Migrant Kids?

The evidence is clear: No detention center is safe and healthy for children.


Leah Hibel, Caitlin Patler
New York Times (NYT)
August 27, 2019

Tags: Migrant Children


Young children are particularly susceptible to stress and trauma, and research shows that the longer the duration of the exposure, the worse the outcomes for the child.

What’s more, the administration’s plans to remove limitations on the length of children’s detentions will not only prolong exposure to trauma, they will severely limit lawyers’ ability to expedite hearings or even raise length of detention as a concern. Being released from detention also allows children greater access to lawyers and immigration legal services, which can make an enormous difference in their immigration proceedings. Contrary to statements by the government, the vast majority of people released from detention attend their future immigration court hearings.