‘Jails in every sense’: After ICE raid, what’s next for those detained?

After U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's largest immigration raid in at least a decade, those 680 people initially detained at poultry plants in Mississippi Wednesday are facing an uncertain future.

News Story (Mississippi)

Sarah Fowler
Mississippi Clarion-Ledger
August 10, 2019

Tags: Immigration

Organizations mentioned/involved: Mississippi Center for Justice (MCJ)


Amelia McGowan, an immigration attorney with the Mississippi Center for Justice, said for those in the  detention facilities, “Often, it will take days for their families and other loved ones to find them.”

“It is important to remember that while these facilities are administrative and not criminal, meaning people jailed there are not held for criminal charges and are not serving criminal sentences there, they are jails in nearly every sense,” McGowan said.

“Even though many have no criminal charges and have never had a conviction, they wear jumpsuits and handcuffs, and live behind bars and razor wire. Some, but not all, detainees will be able to seek a bond, but bond amounts are often prohibitively high.”