Nevada Legal Services offers aid to tenants facing eviction

In August, nonprofit law firm Nevada Legal Services began providing tenants with free consultations on the first floor of the Regional Justice Center.

News Story (Nevada)

Michael Scott Davidson
Las Vegas Review-Journal
September 2, 2019

Tags: Housing: Eviction

Organizations mentioned/involved: Nevada Legal Services


“A lot of the tenants, this is their first time going through this,” Sung said. “They’re there to raise a legal defense to eviction, and that’s what I try to find in their case.”

While Nevada Legal Services’ pro bono practice in downtown Las Vegas already assists thousands of low-income tenants with housing-related legal issues every year, Sung said, the pilot program should help reach residents who are unaware of the resource.

He reviews tenants’ paperwork before their hearing and coaches them on what defenses they can raise. If evictions seems inevitable, he advises tenants to request extra time to move out before a court-ordered eviction stains their record.

Sung sometimes directly represents tenants in the courtroom. Last month he picked a case in which an elderly man risked losing his Las Vegas apartment because his landlord deemed him a nuisance due to a domestic disturbance issue.