Vets’ Win In Landmark Suit Could Force VA To Spend Billions

If you’re a veteran and you’ve used third-party insurance to partially cover the cost of a trip to the local emergency room, the Department of Veterans Affairs has probably refused to reimburse you for the remaining expenses.

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RJ Vogt
September 22, 2019

Tags: Veterans

Organizations mentioned/involved: National Veterans Legal Services Program (NVLSP)


For decades, such a class action win was impossible at the CAVC due to a 1991 court decision that found the court’s jurisdiction was limited to handling appeals on an individual basis.

But after a string of recent court rulings overturned that decision, the CAVC began granting class action status in June. This month’s ruling marks the second ever class certification of veterans at the CAVC, providing relief to up to 600,000 veterans who were either wrongly denied reimbursement or misled about their eligibility for it.

Bart Stichman, executive director of the National Veterans Legal Services Program, said the decision could be the “biggest win” veterans have ever had in court.

“The court’s decision rights a terrible injustice, and its order ensures that veterans who were unjustly denied reimbursement for critical emergency treatment at non-VA facilities will finally be reimbursed,” he said.