Attorneys Alarmed, Angered About Asylum Tent Courts in Texas

“My most pressing concern is the lack of legal representation,” said Fried Frank senior counsel Gail Weinstein of New York, who traveled to Texas this summer to give pro bono representation to asylum seekers.

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Angela Morris
Texas Lawyer
September 20, 2019

Tags: Immigration


Immigration attorneys say due process has blown out the window of new tent courts the Trump administration created in Laredo and Brownsville to hold asylum hearings for migrants.

“This rushed, assembly-line justice is unacceptable for decisions that can be the difference between life and death,”  said a policy brief by the American Immigration Lawyers Association, a national nonprofit of 15,000 immigration attorneys and law professors.

Called the Migrant Protection Protocol Immigration Hearing Facilities, the tents and shipping-container facilities opened in mid-September. They hold hearings for more than 37,000 asylum seekers, who’ve remained in Mexico under the 2019 Migrant Protection Protocol policy, as their cases wind through immigration courts.