Thank A Female Veteran With Access To Legal Services

It is the duty of members of Congress to support our men and women in uniform after they come home. Due to the increase in female service members since 2001, the number of women seeking care at the Department of Veterans Affairs has increased by 80%.


Rep. Susan Wild
October 28, 2019

Tags: Veterans


My bill would require the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs to partner with nongovernmental organizations to provide legal services specifically to female veterans. This partnership would focus on the 10 highest unmet needs of female veterans as described in the most recent Community Homelessness Assessment, Local Education and Networking Group for Veterans, or CHALENG for Veterans, survey.

The current survey lists as unmet needs: child care, dental care, legal assistance for eviction and mortgage foreclosure cases, child support and custody disputes, and legal assistance to help restore driver’s licenses.