Need a divorce but can’t afford a lawyer? North Carolina created a how-to packet that can help.

The packet breaks down the judicial process, key terminology, rules for getting a divorce, what happens inside the courtroom and how to dress. It also provides all the needed forms.

News Story (North Carolina)

Danielle Battaglia
News & Record (Greensboro, NC)
October 27, 2019

Tags: Divorce, Pro Se/Self-Help

Organizations mentioned/involved: North Carolina Equal Access to Justice Commission (NCEAJC)


In North Carolina, more than 60% don’t use a lawyer when filing, according to the N.C. Equal Access to Justice Commission.

That’s why the North Carolina Judicial branch created a statewide self-help packet to walk people through filing for divorce if they can’t afford an attorney, said Jennifer Simmons, senior project manager of the commission.

“Our goal is to really help somebody through the process, from screening themselves to filling out the paperwork,” she said. “We want to be there to hold somebody’s hand from the very beginning to the very end of the process.”