Karen Lash On Finding Legal Aid Funding In High Places

Law360 spoke with Lash on her work in the Department of Justice and more recent efforts to make civil legal aid a more integral part of executive branches around the country.

Interview (NATIONAL)

RJ Vogt
October 20, 2019

Tags: Funding: Federal

Organizations mentioned/involved: Justice in Government Project (DC)


Do you bill these ideas as “access to justice” initiatives?

I don’t really talk about access to justice, because people who are running housing programs, for example, their job is not to ensure access to justice. Their job is to keep people housed. So what I’m really sharing with the people in the housing department of a state or local government is the research that shows most tenants are unrepresented, most landlords are represented, and when tenants are represented, more people stay housed — and the government saves money.

So I don’t talk about access to justice: It’s the animating principle behind all the work. It’s about making government work better.