3 Ways Legal Aid Attys Are Using Tech To Boost Court Access

On Oct. 10, the Legal Services Corp. announced which 30 legal organizations had scored a slice of $4.2 million in grant money it was offering to fund technology projects that increase low-income Americans' access to legal help.

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Natalie Rodriguez
October 20, 2019

Tags: Technology

Organizations mentioned/involved: Philadelphia Legal Assistance, Upsolve, Colorado Legal Services, Northwest Justice Project (NJP) (WA)


The list of grant recipients showcased several trends — and a few unique proposals — in how legal aid groups are wielding technology to fill gaps in their services and otherwise increase access to the legal system.

“These technology projects improve the delivery of legal services and information to the millions of Americans who would otherwise have to navigate the legal system alone,” Jim Sandman, LSC’s president, said in a statement.

Here, Law360 spotlights three ways legal aid groups are planning to use technology to help people in need.