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It is a fundamental injustice that wealth plays such a role in the legal system. No amount of money changes the facts in a case. How is it right that a million dollars can so dramatically change the legal process?

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October 20, 2019

Tags: Debt Collection

Organizations mentioned/involved: Idaho Legal Aid Services


Idaho Legal Aid Services, a nonprofit which can provide some representation to the low-income Idahoans, receives no state funding. That’s a scarlet letter Idaho shares with only a handful of other states, and it leaves Legal Aid dependent on grants which are narrowly tailored to a few specific purposes, especially providing representation to those suffering domestic abuse in obtaining no-contact orders and litigating custody disputes.

But there is precious little grant funding to fight consumer abuses, which are rampant in the region. Many prospective homebuyers who paid Hathaway Homes Group tens of thousands without getting anything in return, only to have their funds gambled away at a Las Vegas craps table, have no lawyer to represent them in the company’s bankruptcy, where they have to compete against Hathaway’s deep-pocketed, lawyered-up creditors for a share of the remaining assets. That’s unjust.