In A Battle With Your Landlord? Lawyers Designed This Chat Bot To Help Tenants Get Free Legal Aid

Renters, be aware — there’s a new resource out to help get tenants free legal aid across Chicago, particularly in areas facing high eviction rates.

News Story (Illinois)

Pascal Sabino
Block Club Chicago
October 7, 2019

Tags: Housing: Eviction, Technology

Organizations mentioned/involved: Lawyers’ Committee for Better Housing


Rentervention is a free service created by Lawyers’ Committee for Better Housing, Illinois Legal Aid Online and the Lawyers Trust Fund of Illinois. It shows tenants how to advocate for themselves when it comes to things like evictions and maintenance issues that get even more pressing as autumn sets in and it becomes vital for renters to settle their living situations.

Tenants having issues that need to be sorted out with landlords can access Rentervention by visiting the website or texting “hi” to (866) 773-6873 to chat with Renny, an artificial intelligence-powered bot that can walk people through the often murky legal terrain of local housing laws. The bot allows tenants to advocate for themselves on relatively clear-cut issues so that they can make sure that their rights are enforced without paying for an attorney or waiting in line for pro-bono legal aid to become available.