David Brown On Fighting To End Transgender, Nonbinary Bias

Longtime civil rights attorney David Brown took over this year as legal director for the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund, a nonprofit that works to end discrimination against trans and nonbinary people, amid growing awareness about transgender issues but also an “uptick in general demonization.”

Interview (NATIONAL)

Emma Cueto
November 3, 2019

Tags: Trans Rights

Organizations mentioned/involved: Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund


Gender discrimination lies at the root of so many of the challenges that so many people face in our country. Gender underscores things that are both discriminatory and also so inherent in our culture that people take them for granted and don’t even recognize them as discrimination. I think TLDEF’s work opens the opportunity to surface some of those things and to fix them and make the playing field more level for everyone.

Specifically, trans and gender nonconforming people are discriminated against in so many completely unacceptable ways and so marginalized in our society in completely unacceptable ways. And I think right now folks are just now becoming aware of those problems in the broader society, and there’s a lot of readiness to fix those problems. And I think TLDEF is well-positioned through its legal and public education work to bring folks who are ready — even though they may not know it yet — to come to the struggle.