Faith in action: Catholic Charities and immigration legal services

This is the third in a five-part series connecting the work of Catholic Charities, charity and faith, and the mental health struggles experienced by the populations the organization serves.


Lisa Turner
Witness, The
November 1, 2019

Tags: Immigration

Organizations mentioned/involved: Catholic Migration Services


Catholic Charities’ immigration attorneys provide affordable legal services to help reunite families by assisting them in navigating the immigration system and advocating on their behalf. The role of Catholic Charities is to help immigrant families understand and exercise their rights regardless of how scary and dehumanizing some of those immigration policies may be.

Catholic Charities provides family-based and humanitarian immigration legal services. According to Yer Vang, director of the ILS program, the goal is to help keep families together. Some of the most common immigration services provided are helping individuals apply for green cards, citizenship and work permits and assisting U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents petition for their immediate family members. Some clients have been separated from their families for years. These individuals need help in reunifying with immediate family members and navigating the complex immigration system. Catholic Charities’ services are extended to clients who would otherwise not be able to afford legal services due to socio-economic barriers. To help immigrants determine their legal options, consultations with an immigration attorney from Catholic Charities is provided at no charge. If a client is eligible for an immigration remedy and they become a client of Catholic Charities, they pay a fee commensurate to their income. In addition to direct legal services, the ILS program provides crucial legal education to parishes, communities and immigrants about immigration law and rights.