Utah to Test Initiative for Allowing Nonlawyer Legal Providers

An independent legal research center will work with Utah officials to test what could be groundbreaking regulations on allowing nonlawyers to provide legal services.

News Story (Utah)

Sam Skolnik
Bloomberg Big Law Business
November 1, 2019

Tags: Access to Justice


The Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System announced Oct. 31 that its new “Unlocking Legal Regulation” project was devised in part to advance Utah’s plans to loosen restrictions on nonlawyers in the state’s legal system.

A recent report from the Utah Work Group on Regulatory Reform suggested changes intended to improve access to justice for residents unable to afford private attorneys in civil and family court cases. Panels in California and Arizona have made similar recommendations, using similar rationale.

The Utah report urged an increased role for nonlawyers in legal services, including tech companies, and mandated creation of a regulatory agency to determine how they could help.