Tenant group creates new website revealing who owns what

A Brooklyn-based tenant advocacy non-profit has launched “Who Owns What,” a website for tenants, community organizers and elected officials to report property ownership and management company networks across New York City.

News Story (New York)

Real Estate Weekly
December 12, 2018

Tags: Housing: Landlord-Tenant

Organizations mentioned/involved: JustFix.nyc, Legal Aid Society (New York City)


In partnership with tenant organizing efforts, legal aid providers, and local elected officials, JustFix.nyc has already begun the formation of group cases against landlords with clear patterns of neglect, harassment, evictions, and deregulation of affordable units.

“One of many challenges that tenants in New York City face are the opaque and complicated ways in which landlords own, control and manage rental properties,” said Sateesh Nori, Attorney-in-Charge of the Queens Neighborhood Office of The Legal Aid Society.

“These tangled webs make it difficult for tenants to know who is responsible for charging the proper rent, who should be addressing repairs, and ultimately, who should be liable for claims brought by tenants. At the Legal Aid Society’s Queens Neighborhood Office, we have and can now use WoW to unmask a politically-connected or well-established family as the player behind a scheme to defraud hundreds of tenants from rent protections.”