75% of ND counties have fewer than 10 attorneys, leaving rural residents without legal help nearby

“I think there is still a need for attorneys, but people just don’t want to live there as much,” Losing said of rural areas.

News Story (North Dakota)

April Baumgarten
Grand Forks Herald
November 30, 2019

Tags: Rural

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Services of North Dakota (LSND)


Legal Services, which provides civil advice to low-income clients, tries to provide quality services to as many people as possible, LeMay said. But more people are applying for their services because they find it difficult to find attorneys in their area who can take their cases, he said.

“So they’re coming to us because they’ve got nowhere else to go,” he said. “We get nearly 8,000 people calling us every year and applying for services. … It’s pretty hard to do with eight attorneys.”

Glynn said he feels bad for residents in smaller communities who can’t get as much help as they need, especially if they have to drive a long distance multiple times to meet their lawyers.