New Lead Law Passes, With Teeth

Alders unanimously approved updating the city’s child lead poisoning laws — but only after including a change that won over critics who heralded the final version for protecting at-risk kids.

News Story (Connecticut)

Thomas Breen
New Haven Independent
December 3, 2019

Tags: Lead Poisoning

Organizations mentioned/involved: New Haven Legal Assistance Association (CT)


Shelley White, the director of litigation for New Haven Legal Assistance Association (NHLAA), also praised the amended version passed by the alders as preserving and clarifying existing protections.

Legal aid has filed a handful of lawsuits against the city over the past two years regarding its lax enforcement of existing lead laws. Its currently prosecuting a class action complaint that hinges on the city’s decision in November 2018 to require full lead hazard inspections only for children who meet the higher state threshold for lead poisoning.

Its lawyers have also been some of the most outspoken critics of the initial versions of the lead ordinance amendments, and actively lobbied alders to oppose granting the Health Department increased discretion.