Evictions costing Oklahoma

“These are still human beings that are now being thrust out into society, somebody's got to help them,” Klinge said.

News Story (Oklahoma)

Phil Cross
KOKH-TV (Oklahoma City, OK)
March 25, 2019

Tags: Housing: Eviction, Housing: Right to Counsel

Organizations mentioned/involved: Philadelphia Bar Association


Klinge believes lawmakers or the courts should clarify the current laws to level the playing field and ensure bad actors can’t take advantage of tenants. If the law allowed tenants more legal options when their rental properties are not maintained, he believes it would lead to less evictions.

Helping those facing eviction could help all of Oklahoma. A recent study by the Philadelphia Bar Association looked at the consequences of evictions in their city. In Philadelphia, a city with a population a little greater than that of the Oklahoma City Metro area, researchers claim providing legal counsel to people facing eviction could save more than $40 million each year.

The cost saving comes from stopping the side effects of eviction on families. Klinge said his clients have been forced to live in their cars or end up in homeless shelters. They often face more mental health problems. Cities and states pick up the costs associated with the fallout that follows an eviction.