Mississippi’s immigrant families struggle amid dwindling resources after ICE raids

Those detained in August aren’t able to work. “So you’re living in this limbo where you can’t do anything, and that’s even when you’ve been released,” said Amelia McGowan, senior attorney with the Mississippi Center for Justice.

News Story (Mississippi)

Alex Rozier
Mississippi Today
December 30, 2019

Tags: ICE Raids, Immigration

Organizations mentioned/involved: Mississippi Center for Justice (MCJ)


On the legal side, the Mississippi Center for Justice is also partnering with national and regional organizations — including El Pueblo, ACLU, Southeast Immigrant Rights Network, and Mississippi Immigration Rights Alliance — to pair the poultry workers arrested in August with lawyers.

“So far we’ve got attorneys for everybody who’s been released who has a court date,” said Amelia McGowan, a senior attorney with the center. She added there is still “a tremendous need for attorneys” as more individuals will soon receive court dates, and that her group is planning training sessions in January and February for lawyers interested in helping.

Those detained in August aren’t able to work, and it may take years for those detained to receive court dates and for the removal process to play out, McGowan added.