After ‘public charge’ setback, advocates urge immigrants to seek legal guidance

Immigrants’ rights advocates in New York urged noncitizen families to seek legal advice Tuesday, following a setback in the fight to block the federal government’s so-called “public charge rule.”

News Story (NATIONAL, New York)

Emma Whitford
Queens Daily Eagle
January 28, 2020

Tags: Immigration, Public Charge

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Aid Society (New York City)


“We have been fighting to see that this rule never goes into effect, but now that it is, if even for a brief time, it is critical that immigrants and their families making decisions about using public benefits consult legal advocates who understand the rule before assuming it applies to them,” said Susan Welber, a staff attorney in the Civil Practice Law Reform Unit at the Legal Aid Society, who represents plaintiffs in one challenge.

Welber told the Eagle that while the “public charge” rule has already had a chilling effect, many noncitizens are not impacted.

“The rule applies to a very specific group of intending immigrants: people who are seeking to get a green card through a family member,” she said.