Woman who faced eviction turned to Community Legal Aid for help get case dismissed

An "Eviction Task force", made up of city, county and non-profit leaders has been formed and is looking for possible solutions to the eviction struggle.

News Story (Ohio)

Bob Jones
WEWS-TV (Cleveland)
February 3, 2020

Tags: Housing: Eviction

Organizations mentioned/involved: Community Legal Aid (Central Northeast Ohio)


Last year, the Legal Aid office in Akron had 751 requests for assistance with evictions or rental housing problems.

Petrovich said helping those who qualify is crucial, especially in light of a scathing report from Eviction Lab that shows Akron has the highest eviction– per capita– in Ohio and has the 24th highest eviction rate in the country. The data reveals Akron averages nearly seven evictions per day.

“They (people facing eviction) should contact us if they receive a three-day notice from their landlord, or a 30-day notice asking them to move. If you come to us early on, there’s a lot more we can do than after the fact,” Petrovich said.