Ohio program eases legal burden for survivors of domestic violence

The Ohio Domestic Violence Network has a Legal Services Outreach for Marginalized Survivors program, which provides free, civil legal aid. Tasha Jones, who coordinates the program, said many clients are reluctant to seek services due to poverty or racism.

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Mary Kuhlman
Public News Service (PNS)
February 25, 2020

Tags: Domestic Violence

Organizations mentioned/involved: Ohio Domestic Violence Network (ODVN)


“A lot of women break down and start crying and just say they’ve been trying to take care of certain things for years and nobody would help them. Or somebody said they would help them and they didn’t,” Jones said. “So, it’s been a barrier in them moving forward and succeeding.”

She said issues related to benefits, subsidized housing, transportation and child support are among the civil legal needs for survivors. The program is marking its first year, and Jones said to date, more than 400 Ohio women have received free legal assistance.

Jones noted Black, Hispanic and Native American survivors are more likely to experience pressure from family and the community to stay with an abuser, or they fear getting their partner involved with the police and criminal justice system.