Supreme Court Justices set to hold meeting on civil legal needs in Detroit

How the state's judicial system handles debt collection, landlord tenant disputes and expungements will be among the issues two Michigan Supreme Court justices are hoping to hear about from residents during a Monday town hall meeting.

News Story (Michigan)

Oralandar Brand-Williams
Detroit News
February 21, 2020

Tags: Access to Justice, Justice for All


McCormack and Zahra are seeking input from Michigan residents to help identify the needs they have on issues relating to the civil branch of the law. The information gathered from residents will help shape a statewide plan to fill in the gaps of service for civil legal needs.

“We’re trying to take inventory of what’s out there,” McCormack said. “It’s a way for us to hear directly from the public about their experience of trying to navigate the court system on their own.”

The task force wants to hear from affected residents as well as “community leaders or representatives who have a sense on the ground of what (residents) need most,” she said.