LSC looking to continue streak of appropriation increases

Pointing to what it describes as an “overwhelming need for civil legal services,” Legal Services Corp. is asking a federal appropriation of $652.6 million for fiscal year 2021, a $212.6 million increase from the appropriation it received for fiscal year 2020.

News Story (Indiana, NATIONAL)

Marilyn Odendahl
Indiana Lawyer
February 11, 2020

Tags: Funding: Federal, LSC Funding

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Services Corporation (LSC), Indiana Legal Services (ILS)


The request comes as the Trump Administration has for the fourth time proposed eliminating all federal funding for the national legal aid agency. However, in announcing its budget request, LSC noted it has reason to be hopeful because Congress has not only continued funding but also increased the amount annually since Donald Trump took office.

In fiscal years 2017-2019, LSC’s appropriation rose from $385 million to $415 million. Although Congress did not meet LSC’s funding request of $593 million for fiscal year 2020, Capitol Hill still boosted the funding level by $25 million to reach a record of $440 million.

The administration’s $4.8 trillion budget proposal released Monday calls for LSC to be defunded and includes an appropriation of $18.2 million to cover the costs of closing the legal aid agency.