Bar Group Aims For Lasting Impact With Access to Justice Report

An upcoming report from a leading legal ethics group could add significant momentum to the growing movement to bridge the chronic legal services gap for middle-class and poorer citizens.

News Story (NATIONAL)

Sam Skolnik
Bloomberg Law
February 16, 2020

Tags: Access to Justice, Non-lawyers, Regulations


The study from the Association of Professional Responsibility Lawyers likely will make concrete suggestions, including rule changes, to spur states to increase access to legal services, according to leaders of the group.

This could include suggested changes to Rule 5.4 to open law firm ownership to nonlawyers, alterations that could redefine who can practice law, and reforms to make cross-state border representations easier.

APRL is relatively small when compared with the American Bar Association, but its recommendations in issues like lawyer advertising have carried weight. The group’s access to justice report could be released as soon as August. Both groups have been meeting over the last several days in Austin, Texas.