U.S. Appeals Court Upholds Block on Arkansas Medicaid Work Requirement

A three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia unanimously found an experimental Arkansas Medicaid waiver program to be unlawful.

Audio, News Story (Arkansas, NATIONAL)

Jacqueline Froelich
KUAR (Little Rock, AR)
March 17, 2020

Tags: Lawsuit: Federal, Medicaid, Work Requirements

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Aid of Arkansas (LAA) (Jonesboro, AR)


Similar demonstration projects are under development in over fifteen other states. In Arkansas, certain adults aged 19 to 49 must fulfill certain work requirements to receive medical benefits under the state’s expanded Medicaid program titled, “Arkansas Works.”

Kevin De Liban, an attorney with Legal Aid of Arkansas, is among a national team of lawyers representing Medicaid enrollees affected by the waiver project.

De Liban spoke with Jacqueline Froelich with Fayetteville station KUAF about the ramifications of Friday’s ruling.