Trump set to ask for more coronavirus cash

The Supreme Court on Friday lifted the final statewide freeze on Trump's new crackdown on legal immigrants' use of programs like Medicaid, weeks after the high court halted the last nationwide injunction.

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Dan Diamond
February 24, 2020

Tags: Immigration, Public Charge

Organizations mentioned/involved: Immigrants Like Us


Health and legal advocates have warned the rule could severely curb access to health services. Under the public charge rule, immigration officials can deny green cards to legal immigrants if they use Medicaid and other safety-net programs. See Kaiser Family Foundation’s brief.

They’re also worried it will cause unnecessary fear among the broader immigrant population, and Jonathan Petts, co-founder of the Immigrants Like Us nonprofit at Harvard’s Immigration Lab, told Susannah that local groups should run public outreach and education campaigns so immigrants can understand their rights.

“Even for adults, accessing Medicaid should have no effect on immigration status in the vast majority of cases,” Petts added.