Texas Hospital Child Abuse Cases Rise in COVID-19 Outbreak: ‘It’s Hard To Think That It’s Just Coincidental’

Doctors at a children's hospital in Fort Worth, Texas, have sounded the alarm over concerns about a rise in alleged child abuse cases amid the coronavirus outbreak.

News Story (NATIONAL, Pennsylvania, Texas)

Chantal Da Silva
March 22, 2020
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Tags: Child Welfare, Coronavirus, COVID-19, Domestic Violence

Organizations mentioned/involved: Philadelphia Legal Assistance


Speaking with Newsweek on Sunday, Dr. Susan Pearlstein, a co-supervisor at the Family Law Unit of Philadelphia Legal Assistance, said that anxieties around the coronavirus outbreak and its impact on families, including illness, job loss and financial stress could “lead to physical abuse, not to mention the emotional, verbal and mental abuse going on that we don’t see signs for.”

With survivors trapped at home with their abusers, Pearlstein said that survivors may not even have the opportunity to call a support hotline or friends or family for help. Further, she warned, survivors may not also realize that helplines are running amid the coronavirus outbreak, with many services across the country being suspended.

“It’s really scary to think that some people who are in unsafe situations might not realize that services are still available,” Pearlstein said. “We are really worried about that.”