3 Ways Automation Can Enhance Access To Justice

Feature, News Story (NATIONAL)

Aebra Coe
March 8, 2020
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Tags: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Pro Bono, Pro Se/Self-Help, Technology

Organizations mentioned/involved: Greater Boston Legal Services (GBLS), Access to Justice Lab at Harvard Law School


The delivery of legal services to low income consumers is being transformed by automation technology such as TurboTax-like forms for people facing eviction, and that transformation only shows signs of picking up steam as researchers continue to mine its potential for legal aid. Among those access to justice experts, there’s hope that automation technology can one day identify clients who don’t even know they have a legal issue. Three lawyers at the forefront of the change spoke last week at the American Bar Association’s TechShow in Chicago about how they’re using automation and AI to help solve the access to justice crisis in the United States.