Virus Sparks Calls To Pump The Brakes On Debt Suits

News Story (Massachusetts, NATIONAL)

Kevin Penton, RJ Vogt
April 26, 2020
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Greater Boston Legal Services

Tags: Coronavirus, COVID-19, Debt Collection

Organizations mentioned/involved: Greater Boston Legal Services (GBLS)


As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to envelop the country, some consumer advocates are calling for greater protections for debtors until the crisis abates, arguing that the economic crisis is negatively impacting the ability of Americans to not only pay their debts but also fight collection actions in court. Last month, Greater Boston Legal Services urged the heads of several debt collection industry groups to hold off on lawsuits and on the involuntary collections of debts until the crisis abides, arguing that low income individuals such as those served by the civil legal aid organization should be focusing on providing essentials for their families and on remaining indoors, rather than on going to work while sick to pay off consumer debt.