Phoenix-area evictions dropped with moratorium. Here’s why tenants are urged not to skip rent

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Arizona Republic
April 29, 2020
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Tags: Coronavirus, COVID-19, Housing: Eviction

Organizations mentioned/involved: Community Legal Services Inc. (Arizona)


Phoenix-area renter evictions plummeted 66% during April, likely due to state and federal restrictions and financial help during the COVID-19 crisis. But housing advocates are advising renters not to skip rent payments if they can afford them because most of the current eviction protections run out in late July. Renters will owe unpaid rent then, or face possible eviction. “Once the protections of the CARES Act and the Governors order are over, unless tenants have made arrangements with the landlord in writing to pay back any rent owed, landlords will be able to evict tenants for unpaid rent,” said Pamela Bridge, director of Advocacy and Litigation at Phoenix-based Community Legal Services.