20m Americans lost their jobs in April in worst month since Great Depression

Unemployment rate rose to 14.7% from just 4.4% in March as the coronavirus pandemic shuttered the global economy.

News Story (NATIONAL, Washington)

Dominic Rushe, Amanda Holpuch
May 8, 2020

Tags: COVID-19, Unemployment, Unemployment Insurance


Washington state said it approved Ivan Schierling’s unemployment benefits on 27 March, but seven weeks later, he still hasn’t received a payment. In the meantime, bills are piling up for his credit card, healthcare and car payments.

“This doesn’t include just paying to live,” Schierling, 34, said. “I can’t pay for my milk or for gas to get around. I’m kind of frozen.”

A $1,200 government stimulus check immediately went to paying off bills and his former employer doesn’t know when they will be able to hire people back. “There’s nothing I can do, I’m just sitting, slowly running out of cash,” Schierling said.