2.1 million new unemployment claims filed last week, as workers still struggle to get benefits

The ten-week total for claims reached 40.8 million, suggesting about a quarter of the workforce has lost jobs during the coronavirus pandemic.

News Story (Florida)

Rebecca Rainey
May 28, 2020

Tags: Coronavirus, COVID-19, Unemployment, Unemployment Insurance

Organizations mentioned/involved: Coast to Coast Legal Aid of South Florida


But Laurie Yadoff, an attorney at Coast to Coast Legal Aid of South Florida, said her clients complain their applications are still “pending” and are still unable to get through to state unemployment offices for assistance.

“It’s been a tremendous struggle and a couple of my clients I have to keep calling them and telling them to hang in there,” Yadoff said. “They just keep saying, ‘What’s the point?’”

And not every state has implemented the new unemployment programs provided under the massive coronavirus relief package signed into law in March.