Why The CDC Eviction Ban Isn’t Really A Ban: ‘I Have Nowhere To Go’

Audio, News Story (NATIONAL, Texas)

Chris Arnold
National Public Radio (NPR)
December 20, 2020
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Tags: CDC Eviction Moratorium, Coronavirus, COVID-19, Housing: Eviction

Organizations mentioned/involved: National Coalition for a Civil Right to Counsel (NCCRC)


“I have nowhere to go. I meet all the criteria for protection,” she wrote. “I have three kids who will be homeless tomorrow morning if I can’t stop this. This is wrong.”  Tiffany Robinson, who lost her job managing construction sites in Texas, found out that what’s often referred to as the “CDC eviction ban” is hardly a ban. She was living in Bridge City, Texas, and was struggling to survive and raise her three kids on unemployment benefits alone. When she started to fall behind on her rent, her landlord filed an eviction case.