New jobless claims are down, but unemployment benefits are, too

Tens of millions of Americans are still out of work. Millions of them are running out of unemployment benefits. And those still on the rolls are no longer getting $600 a week in extra federal payments that expired in late summer.

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Mitchell Hartman
October 22, 2020

Tags: COVID-19, Unemployment, Unemployment Insurance


“They are really having to scrape to get by these days just for basic needs, such as to pay for shelter, pay the bills, put food on the table — and forget about luxuries,” he said.

That’s exactly what Brooke Wetzel has seen play out at her florist business, The Plum Dahlia, in Los Angeles. When the economy started to open up in late spring, sales picked up. But since August, “things have gotten pretty slow [with] people not having that extra $50 or $75 for a flower arrangement,” she said.

Now Wetzel is working part time and spending the rest home schooling her kids.