Jobless Americans struggle to get and keep benefits

More than seven months after COVID-19 all but shut down the U.S. economy, 22.6 million Americans were getting unemployment benefits — either through a state or federal pandemic program — according to the Labor Department. And 751,000 newly unemployed workers filed initial jobless claims, which is more than in any week during the Great Recession.

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Mitchell Hartman
November 4, 2020

Tags: COVID-19, Unemployment, Unemployment Insurance


Earlier in the pandemic, Knight tried to juggle two independent contractor jobs as a property manager and pediatric sleep consultant. Both were jobs she could do at night when her husband was watching the kids.

But she couldn’t keep it up with homeschooling. “I’m going through the stages of grief, in a way. I’ve been depressed, mourning life before. I have quit one of my jobs, because obviously it was impossible,” she said.

Knight’s husband just started a new legal job at a government agency, after several months out of work. “So that at least was a big relief,” said Knight. “But we still have not seen anything — any money — from his unemployment benefits for the two-plus months that he was not employed. We’re trying as best as we can to keep up with bills.”