An uncounted American statistic: the long-term unemployed

Millions who lost their jobs at the beginning of the pandemic are continuing to face unemployment, a number not touted by the Trump administration.

News Story (Florida, NATIONAL)

Michael Sainato
November 18, 2020

Tags: COVID-19, Unemployment, Unemployment Insurance

Organizations mentioned/involved: National Employment Law Project (NY)


“I have to go sit in line in my car for at least three hours every Friday at the local church for food,” Patterson said. “If it wasn’t for the unemployment benefits I have received our family would have been living with no power or food. I fear for what’s going to happen to us if someone up in Washington DC doesn’t help us with another stimulus.”

Millions of people across the US continue to face unemployment, as the number of jobs in the US remains at more than 10m fewer than prior to the pandemic in February.

More than 25 million workers in the US are suffering from the economic downturn, including those people claiming unemployment benefits, workers designated as having left the labor force due to the pandemic, and workers still facing cuts to work hours and pay.