Better strategies sought to curb domestic violence

Two promising initiatives in Pittsburgh and High Point, NC seek to prevent domestic violence.

News Story (North Carolina, Pennsylvania)

David Crary
Associated Press (AP)
November 16, 2014
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Tags: Children & Juvenile, Domestic Violence, Women

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Aid of North Carolina (LANC)


The two programs target different audiences. But in the realm of domestic-violence prevention, where the record of success is spotty, they share a status as two of the nation’s most promising initiatives.

Coaching Boys Into Men is one of the flagship programs developed by Futures Without Violence, a nonprofit working to curb abuse of women and children. Thousands of high school coaches across the country, now joined by some middle school coaches, have received training in how to convey to their players the importance of treating young women with respect and avoiding abusive behavior.

High Point’s program – the Offender-Focused Domestic Violence Initiative – was conceived in 2009 based on an approach developed by David M. Kennedy, a professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York. While many programs focus on helping victims of domestic violence, High Point’s initiative targets the offender with a strategy of aggressive deterrence.

If victimized women do want services, they are offered through a Victim’s Justice Center that opened in April. It’s a one-stop site where victims can meet with police, get protective orders from legal aid attorneys, and be informed of other available services.

“In the past, it was up to the victim to do all the work while dealing with the threats,” said Tiffany Atkins, a domestic violence attorney with Legal Aid of North Carolina. “Now we take the responsibility.”