ABA President Calls for Reform to Meet Legal Needs of the Low-Income

If reform isn't done, the Justice Gap will continue to grow, says ABA President William Hubbard. More and more people in the middle class are now being affected as well.

News Story (NATIONAL, Oregon)

Jeff Manning
October 13, 2014
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Organizations mentioned/involved: American Bar Association (ABA)


Only a quarter of the legal needs of America’s poor are being met, which has led to a chaotic mess of non-lawyers attempting to represent themselves and clogging the courts in serious legal proceedings like child custody and eviction hearings.

William Hubbard, president of the American Bar Association, addressed the resulting “justice gap,” at a meeting of the Young Lawyers Division of the ABA in Portland over the weekend. Though it’s been near the top of the ABA’s agenda for a decade, the gap has only gotten worse, he said.

There is now evidence, the phenomenon seems to be spreading to middle-income Americans. “More and more people in the middle class are also avoiding the courts and legal system,” Hubbard said.