Hawaii Ranks Well in Access to Justice

Citing the access to justice commission and partnering with civil legal aid programs, Hawaii ranks high according to the recently updated Justice Index.

News Story (Hawaii)

Nancy Cook Lauer
West Hawaii Today (Big Island)
November 15, 2014
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Tags: Access to Justice Commissions, Courts, Information Centers, Pro Se/Self-Help, Research/Data

Organizations mentioned/involved: Hawaii Access to Justice Commission (HATJC), National Center for Access to Justice (NCAJ) at Fordham Law School


Hawaii ranks third in the nation, behind Washington, D.C., and Connecticut on key components of providing access to the justice system, according to a report released Thursday.

The report, by the National Center for Access to Justice, measured how accessible the justice system is in four categories: attorney access for low-income litigants; support for self-represented litigants; support for litigants with limited language proficiency and support for people with disabilities.