Over 60% of Tennesseans Face Significant Civil Legal Need

More than 60 percent of Tennesseans are in need of significant civil legal assistance, according to a new state study.

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Todd Barnes
Tennessean, The
November 26, 2014
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Organizations mentioned/involved: Tennessee Alliance for Legal Services (TALS)


The study showed that 25 percent of the 1,400 low-income residents surveyed were aware of resources to help find a lawyer, and fewer knew where to find free legal services. Additionally, less than 40 percent sought help pursuing a legal recourse, and one-third decided to navigate the system on their own.

“When compared with the 2003 study, the 2014 report indicates roughly the same number of civil legal issues experienced by low-income and impoverished Tennesseans,” Ann Pruitt, executive director of the Tennessee Alliance for Legal Services, said in a press release.

“Our challenge will continue to be to let people know that legal assistance is available and that receiving help really does have the potential to create a better outcome for them.”