Drivers With Suspended Licenses Get Second Chance

Vermont Legal Aid teams up with the state attorneys to create a Driver's Restoration Day. It affords people with suspended licenses a second chance.

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Hannah McDonald
WPTZ NewsChannel 5 (NBC) (VT)
March 19, 2015
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Organizations mentioned/involved: Vermont Legal Aid (VLA)


“A lack of transportation in a rural state like Vermont is a poverty trap,” said Christopher Curtis of Legal Aid Vermont. “If you can’t get to work and you live in a rural area and you don’t have access to a vehicle because you can’t drive, you are in a situation where you literally can’t put food on the table for your kids.”

Curtis said virtually all of his clients could benefit from this pilot if they have a license suspended for nonpayment. He said it’s most beneficial for low-income drivers.

“The reality is for someone who is middle-income or upper-income, most people are going to pay their traffic ticket so that their license doesn’t become suspended in the first place,” he said.

The state estimates there are 22,000 people who cannot get to work, school or meet other obligations because they’ve lost their licenses.