Funding civil legal aid: A bipartisan issue

The funding crisis for civil legal aid puts America’s commitment to justice at stake. Funding for civil legal aid is a bipartisan issue.

Blog Post (Maine, NATIONAL, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas)

Sharon Browne, Martha Minow
Hill, The
April 13, 2015
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Tags: Benefits of Legal Aid: Economic, Funding: Federal, Justice Gap

Organizations mentioned/involved: Neighborhood Legal Services Association (Pittsburgh) (NSLA), Legal Services Corporation (LSC), Pine Tree Legal Assistance (PTLA) (Maine)


The legal rights of low-income Americans struggling with the many burdens of poverty must be protected, and that has been essential to the mission of the Legal Services Corporation since it was authorized in 1974 as one of the last acts of the Nixon Administration.

Legal rights are not self-enforcing. The availability of legal advice and counsel can make all the difference to low-income Americans who are fighting to avert unlawful foreclosure, escape domestic violence, secure veterans’ benefits, or address many other legal challenges that go to the heart of their security and well-being.