Justice for all, not only for those who can afford it

Two state representatives make a bipartisan case that lawmakers must help fund an effective civil legal aid system in Washington state.
Op-Ed (Washington)

Cyrus Habib, Steve O’Ban
Seattle Times
April 18, 2015
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Tags: Funding: State & Local, Legal Needs, Veterans

Organizations mentioned/involved: Northwest Justice Project (NJP) (WA)


Unfortunately, civil legal aid is out of reach for most of the 1.25 million low-income residents of our state, three-quarters of whom will experience an important legal problem each year. This leaves far too many without knowledge of their basic legal rights and unable to get the legal help they need to effectively enforce them.

That’s why we must maintain an effective civil legal aid system.


We may differ in our views on the proper size and role of government. However, we share the belief that our laws should be applied equally to all, regardless of how much money one has.