A strong start for Voices’ training

August 5, 2016 - 5:18 pm
In the first training of its kind, more than 60 people were trained in strategic communications with the goal of increasing awareness of what civil legal aid is, and why it matters.

The first full day of strategic communications training focused exclusively on civil legal aid is in the books!

On July 20 in Chicago, Voices trained 65 advocates as a pre-conference to the Management Information Exchange National Fundraising Conference. By all accounts it was a success, and for that we have many to thank.

We’re grateful for the enthusiastic participation and thoughtful feedback of those who attended, and to MIE for sharing its venue, helping us publicize the training, and providing planning and administrative support. Special thanks go to David Cruickshank, acclaimed expert in adult learning and continuing legal education, for helping us develop the curriculum.

The training was tailored to needs we’ve identified as top priorities for civil legal aid messengers and spokespeople. It comprised three interactive, 90-minute modules: communications planning, civil legal aid messaging, and strategic messaging principles.

To expand the curriculum, Voices will soon develop additional training modules on newsworthiness, pitching, working with reporters, and crafting your personal spiel about what civil legal aid is and why it matters.

Since the Chicago sessions, we’ve received several requests to train at the state level and for individual programs. We are excited to be invited, and are considering how best, given finite resources, to accommodate those requests. We will be asking you to consider working across organizational and maybe even state boundaries to help us bring our training resources to as many civil legal aid advocates as possible.

Organizations mentioned/involved: Management Information Exchange (MIE)